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Business Law and Fractional General Counsel Services

We seek to help people from all walks of life achieve their business objectives through the provision of high quality legal services. Our experience is your advantage.

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Why it's important to have us as your partner.

Nothing is more important than your business. As an accomplished business lawyer, I have assisted hundreds of clients in a variety of industries and at all stages of development. Our team brings that experience to the table on your behalf and levels the playing field so that you can achieve the best possible outcomes. Let us be part of your success.

Trey Blalock


Our Main Practices

Mergers and Acquisitions

Buying, selling or merging, we can take you through the entire process from due diligence to closing. We pursue the best avenues to make the process as efficient and expeditious as possible.

Organization and Structuring

Starting a business can be an anxious time. We help you choose the right structure so you don't have to restructure later, although we do that as well. Questions about applicable regulations? We can put your mind at ease.

Dispute Resolution

When there are times that you can't agree with an outside party, let us help you try to resolve the matter without having to litigate. It is less expensive (and better for business) to find a way forward amicably if available.

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Our Services

Over thirty years of business law experience at your side.

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Business Strategy

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Transactional needs

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Corporate and Contract Matters

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Risk Management and Governance

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Conventional and Structured Finance


When you build a business for nearly 30 years, and the time comes to reap the rewards of all your hard work, you cannot take a chance in the negotiating and closing of your business. That is why I chose Trey to represent our company in the sale of the business. Trey's extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions enabled our team to negotiate a fair and workable asset purchase agreement with a smooth diligence period and closing. I would highly recommend Trey to handle any of your business needs.

Tim Dyson

Founder and Seller

Sterling Protective Services

A good attorney will quote you the law. A great attorney will ask where you want to go and guide you through the law to ensure you get there. If you understand the difference to what I just described, then Trey Blalock is for you. I met Trey 23 years ago and never looked back because when it comes to navigating the labyrinth of the law, creativity is his strength and integrity is his compass.

Elias P. Papasavvas

Founder and CEO

Second Act Financial Services

I was interested in buying the business where I was employed but had no idea where to start. Trey walked me through the process, negotiated critical deal terms, and assisted with finding a knowledgeable financing source and did so in a deeply supportive and valuable way. I am still enjoying the benefits derived from his work on our deal.

Lynda Ellis


Capitol Concierge

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